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World War I 
Free Lesson Plans, Games, Powerpoints


For Teachers

World War I Unit - Using Primary Documents

World War I UNIT

Doughboy vs the Kaiser The War to End All Wars

The Great War Was Not Great Enough To End All Wars

Not Just History

N.I.M.S.A and World War I

Eyewitness to History - The Great War

United States Entry into World War I: A Documentary Chronology

The Zimmerman Telegram (lesson)

World War I

July Crisis: Can you Stop the Great War? (lesson, activity)

Propaganda Analysis

War Poetry Lesson & Activities (

Eyewitness to History: The Great War (7-9, CK)

The Debate in the United States over the League of Nations

Paris Peace Conference: Writing a Treaty to End WWI (lesson

Treaty of Versailles - Lesson Plans, Simulation

Free Powerpoints about World War I

See Also: Palace of Versailles

For Kids

World War I for Kids


League of Nations

  WW I - Trenches on the Web (resource)

World War I Through Posters (free download all materials)

World Between the Wars

Germany & America in the 20th Century

American History: Roaring Twenties, The Great Depression


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